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Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom (2023) - HD 1080p

Rating: 5.1

Princess Fu Yi (Julie Chen), the only daughter of the Chinese Emperor Han Xuandi (91-48 BC), escapes from a rogue prince, Deng Tsin Qin (Bun Hay Mean), and flees to Gaul, seeking help from Asterix (Guillaume Canet) and Obelix (Gilles Lellouche).It is 50 BC and Gaul is entirely occupied by Rome, except for one little fishing village. Roman Legionnaires have a tough time against this Gaulish village. 4 Roman camps surround the village and still unable to conquer it.
Asterix is worried about the long-term health impact of using the magic potion excessively. But he knows that the Gauls cannot fight the Romans without it.The village has Unhygienix (Jason Chicandier) the fish monger, Cacofonix (Philippe Katerine) the guy who cannot sing, Vitalstatistix (Jérôme Commandeur) the village chief, Getafix (Pierre Richard) the druid, Panacea (Angèle) the damsel and so on.Obelix has a crush on Panacea. Fu Yi travels to Gaul with Graindemais (Jonathan Cohen) the coach driver and her bodyguard Tat Han (Leanna Chea).
Asterix has a crush on Fu Yi.Fu Yi says that her mother The Empress of China (Linh-Dan Pham) struggled to keep control of the Kingdom after the Emperor's death. The princes covet the throne and pose a threat to Fu Yi's life. Prince Deng Tsin Qin defies the empress and levy's a new tax on his part of the Kingdom. Ri Qi Qi (Manu Payet) is Deng's top advisor. Deng wants to marry Fu Yi, but Fu Yi laughs at the suggestion.The Empress senses danger to Fu Yi's life and seeks help from Epidemais (Ramzy Bedia) who is a western trader in China and claims to be from Gaul. Graindemais is Epidemais's nephew.
As Deng attacks, The Empress asks Epidemais to take Fu Yi to Gaul and away from China. Epidemais entrusts Graindemais to complete the task. The Empress refuses to abandon her country and is captured by Deng, along with Epidemais.Vitalstatistix refuses to help as China is too far away and he finds Fu Yi's story incredulous. Asterix offers to go with Fu Yi to help her and her mother and Obelix decides to accompany him.Meanwhile Julius Caesar is in Rome with Cleopatra (Marion Cotillard). Cleopatra says that she is sick for Julius and will leave him for Tabascos (Florent Manaudou). Ri Qi Qi reaches Caesar's court and offers the riches of China, in exchange for military help.
Cleopatra chides Caesar that outside of Rome, nobody knows him. Caesar is livid and decides to go to China and make a name for himself there. Julius Caesar (Vincent Cassel) takes his army regiments to China to defend Deng Tsin Qin. Caesar and his army get stuck on the silk road.Meanwhile Asterix, Obelix, Tat Han, Fu Yi and Graindemais travel to North Africa by rowing across the Mediterranean.
Graindemais tells Asterix that he loves Fu Yi and is going to marry her. They both start fighting on account of winning the affections of Fu Yi.
The gang travels via the Egyptian desert to reach to the ancient town of Klysma, or modern Suez. At the town, they hire a boatman named Titanix to take them to China. Fu Yi sees the magic of the potion herself when Asterix and Obelix fight a few ruffians in the Suez tavern.The gang comes across the boat of Pirate Asymetrix. This time Tat Han asks Asterix to step back and let her do the fighting. Tat Han defeats the pirates all by herself and sinks their boat. Obelix falls in love with Tat Han.
Meanwhile Caesar's army finds its way through Persia, the Indian mountains and Mongolia to reach at the doorstep of China. Caesar meets Deng and creates a strategy to conquer China.Caesar uses his mighty warrior Caius Antivirus (Zlatan Ibrahimovic) to attack and subdue the Kingdoms opposing Deng. 4 Kingdoms are defeated and the last one standing is the Ku Koo clan.
Fu Yi and her entourage reach China. Asterix tells Obelix that after the adventure he and Fu Yi will stay together in the village and he wants Obelix to move out of the hut as it belongs to Asterix's father, and hence to Asterix. Obelix says that he is happy to move out as he loves Tat Han. Asterix laughs at the suggestion, and they begin to fight.
It is announced that Deng and Caesar will decapitate the Empress in 7 days.Fu Yi and her entourage stays at the residence of Tat Han's master Ban Han. Ban says that the Empress has been held captive at the abandoned Xuan temple. Ban says that after rescuing the Empress, the group has to go to the Ku Koo Kingdom before Caesar is able to defeat it.
Crown Prince Du Deng (Tran Vu Tran) is rumored to be so ugly that he keeps his face covered in bamboo.Tat Han rescues the Empress and the entourage escapes. Epidemais decides to stay back and face the negotiation with his captors for his life.
Fu Yi is sent with Asterix and Obelix to secure the Ku Koo support. While The Empress and Tat Han leave to gather their own supporters and build their army. Because of Obelix's superhuman speed, the trio beat Caesar's legions to Ku Koo's palace.
Far from being hideous, Prince Du Deng is handsome and glorious, with blonde hair. Fu Yi is smitten with Prince Du Deng.Fu Yi and Du Deng have an army of 10,000, against Caesar's 80,000 soldiers. Asterix shares his potion with Fu Yi and Du Deng. But in the middle of battle, Asterix's flask is pierced by an arrow, and he runs out of the potion. Obelix defends Asterix from any attacks from Romans. Despite their best-efforts Fu Yi is captured by the Romans.
This is when The Empress enters the battlefield with her massive army. The whole of China came to defend their land. The Romans surrendered on the spot.
Caesar is forced to retreat.The Empress travels to Gaul to give her thanks to the villagers of Gaul. Du Deng marries Fu Yi.
Obelix dumps Panacea for Tat Han. They have a great party together. But Tat Han returns to China with The Empress and Fu Yi. IMDb